The Hare Traction Splint has defined the industry standard for field treatment of a fractured femur, realigns bone ends to the proper position to reduce pain and restore blood flow, minimizing the risk of further damage to nerves or tissue. Enhancements include the ability to rapidly set the splint length with improved collett locks, a larger traction knob for better grip and control, the ability to adjust traction with one hand, and a recessed traction release button to help prevent accidental release. Dyna Med® HARE® Traction Splint Effectively realigns a fractured femur to its proper position, reducing pain and restoring perfusion to an injured leg. Inhibits further hemorrhage and additional nerve, vascular, bone and muscle damage. One-piece design makes application fast, easy and complete in minutes.     The splint is available in clearly labelled adult and pediatric sizes. Is it a world record? Perhaps the largest user of Hare Traction Splint is Australia's New South Wales Ambulance Service with over 600 Hare Traction Splints in use.